About my Alcoholism Recovery Podcasts


My name is Michael and I have been alcohol free for over 8 years, and now feel free from alcoholism and addiction, which is a major relief. I find not drinking alcohol pretty easy these days, but this certainly was not always the case and so I want to produce a series of podcasts, discussing the way that people can beat alcoholism. For many, putting down the drink is going to be the hardest thing they do. Most people do not succeed at first and many fall by the wayside. I think one of the stumbling blocks is that although there are some effective solutions and support groups out there, many people do not find out about them.


It took me many attempts to stop. I had periods of being alcohol free between the age of 30 and 40, but I always went back to drinking in a disastrous fashion. I did not do any research into stopping drinking, and just simply tried to stop without addressing any of the problems in my life or incidents in the past that had affected me. I did not want to join AA, but like so many others I grudgingly ended up there when I was 40. I certainly took what I wanted and left the rest in AA as I only remained an active member for 18 months. I learnt from the sharing and found being in a supportive sober community helpful, but the religious side was not for me. I had suffered from depression for some time and although it had partially lifted when I stopped drinking, it returned and I was encouraged to pray myself well in AA, which I decided was pointless. It was time for something new!

Healthy Living


I had a fair amount of CBT counselling and found groups such as Smart Recovery helpful. I read all kind of books on recovery and took a broad-minded approach to solving my own issues. I began to live a much more healthy lifestyle, and my life improved. Exercise became fun rather than a chore and I even took up Meditation and Yoga, which are both things that had not appealed to me before. I hung out with people who were not “in recovery” but who were living positive lifestyles and who were not hard drinkers.



After a few years I started my own blog called Recovering-from-Recovery.com which I setup for people who had moved on from formal recovery groups such as AA. The section on Leaving Alcoholics Anonymous has proved to be popular and gets many views each day, and as this proved to me that people were looking for alternatives to AA, I decided to broaden the topics covered in the Blog. I did not want another site that simply attacks AA and offers little in alternative solutions, especially as I found some aspects of AA helpful. I do realise that some vulnerable people do suffer in the 12 step world and that it is very out of date and will certainly not appeal to all. Through doing some long over due research, I found out more about The Sinclair Method, Harm Reduction, and Smart Recovery. All these solutions have something to offer and are well worth exploring. AA certainly dominates the recovery from alcoholism support field, and I feel that it overwhelms other groups that are much smaller and younger, despite being potentially much more effective.



I thought doing some Podcasts would help put the word out about these other groups and I will try to get people who know more about these solutions than myself to help me produce this series of recordings. Below is my first attempt at a podcast which I did alone, although I will normally have guests in the future and I will expand on what I have written here.

Podcast number 1