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Here is a podcast featuring Jon who has his own blog at who was a longterm member of AA until about two years ago.  He feels AA helped him beat alcoholism but was also frustrated by the old fashioned religious approach in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We discuss and article in the Guardian which talks about 13 stepping in AA and why it is not suitable for all.


This is the second podcast on featuring Dr Roy Eskapa who wrote “The cure for Alcoholism” and worked with Dr David Sinclair on the Sinclair method which beats alcoholism using Naltrexone. I also talk to people who have made use of the Sinclair Method.
Dr Roy Eskapa explains how alcoholism can be treated with this modern method and talks about his background and research. This method has a much higher success rate than traditonal faith based solutions if used correctly.

Dr Roy Eskapa talks about Dr David Sinclair and how the Sinclair method should be used and why it works so well compared to other solutions if the instructions are corectly followed. He points out it is not for people such as me who are abstinent from alcohol and that you have to drink after taking the tablet one hour before for the solution to work. This is a great chance to listen to an expert on how to beat alcoholism, and I really hope that the Sinclair method becomes the default treatment for alcoholism. I feel it could help so many people compared to traditional solutions.

There are many links on my blog about the Sinclair Method and how it works as well as a review of Dr Roy Eskapa’s book.

An introduction to my podcasts on www.alcoholism-recovery-radio.comI say why I have started podcasting about recovery from alcoholism. I talk about my blog and which have been in existence for some time covering alcoholism and recovery issues.

I hope this is the first of many alcoholism recovery podcasts and that people who have problems with alcoholism or who work in the treatment industry will get involved. My next podcast will be about the Sinclair Method which uses Naltrexone to beat alcoholism, and will feature Dr Roy Eskapa who is an expert on the subject and who wrote a great book ” The Cure for Alcoholism” .

I will try to do at least one podcast every two weeks and all of the recordings will be available on and are also available on iTunes. You can subscribe to them in both these places.