Podcast about TSM and Blogging in Recovery.

Podcast about TSM and Blogging in Recovery.

TSM,Counselling and Blogging for Alcoholism Recovery!

Here is another podcast done over Skype, for my site www.recoveringfromrecovery.com which features Gary who was also part of the Podcast about “The Sinclair Method” with Dr Roy Eskapa. Gary was the person who introduced me to Dr Eskapa and has also helped me with posts about the Sinclair Method such as the one I wrote for www.Addiction.com . Gary has just started a new blog here http://freepigeonpress.com which will contain pieces about his recovery as well as other things that interest him such as his cartoons.

Blogging in Alcoholism Recovery

Gary like myself, has taken part in online discussions about recovery and has experienced good and bad sides to blogging. I feel that many who frequent message boards such as “The Fix” or in the past on “The Orange Papers forum”  (which has now more or less died, after the site owner finally banned most of his users), are out to troll others and are not interested in helping people recover. They simply want a venue to argue. We have both spent time looking at “Anti AA sites” which many people do when they decide to leave “alcoholics Anonymous”, and although these sites do make some valid points we have both decided that it is best to move on. They are not a healthy online environment to stay in for long, and I feel that books such as The Sober Truth give a much more rational opinion about the pros and cons of the 12 step world.

The Sinclair Method

Not all information on the web is worth reading and we also discuss some of the incorrect information that has been posted online about The Sinclair Method, and Gary talks about sites such as the C Three Foundation. We also talk about the pros and cons of counselling. We are not professionals, just two people who have changed our lives by beating alcoholism. We have  a lot in common but have taken vastly different approaches to achieve sobriety, which I feel makes for an interesting discussion. Often people are just shunted towards 12 step groups, but as our experiences prove, there are other ways that can help and that we feel are better.

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