Review of comments about AA piece in Observer.

Review of comments about AA piece in Observer.

This week  on we have decided to reflect on the piece in the Observer about Jon Stewart and his experiences in recovery from alcohol issues. The piece got over 650 comments and was one of the most popular pieces of the week in the paper. It is quite long, but we go through a lot of comments both for and against Jon’s views and discuss them. We start with the newest and then work backwards. Many of the comments are intelligent and put forward some good points. Some people give quite lengthy replies and there are quite a few discussion threads throughout the section. You can read the piece here Jon has his own blog at

Many comments sections on sites such as the fix are often taken over by the same handful of morons posting under different names and just using a comments section as a venue to argue and attack others. I am pleased that does not happen here too much although there are a few “orange papers forums” types spouting their usual mantra and a few of the rather crazy pro AA types as well. Some of the AA people are passive aggressive and I have sometimes found that members of AA can behave in this way when anyone questions the 12 step solution.

Thankfully most of the comments are worth reading and there seem to be a lot of people commenting who have moved on from AA and done well without relapse. They are not aggressive towards AA, like some of the Anti types, but are grateful for the help they got when they needed some support. That is how I feel about AA, although I would like to see it modernised a bit. It does prove that those in AA who feel that it is impossible to recover without AA and the steps are wrong. Many do move on, but they do not have much of a voice. Many AA members only see the people who have not done well and who come back after a relapse. I have been told that people in AA have discussed me in the past and have said that I went back to drinking and one person said he had heard that I was dead! I think it is important that people read that you can leave AA if you want and live life the way you want.




  • Nancy
    Posted at 12:55h, 20 December Reply

    Once again, guys, I really enjoyed your podcast. I read the article, viewed some comments, and I just really appreciate your very balanced views on AA and leaving AA. I also finished listening to your series on the steps. Very interesting perspectives there as well. Thanks for your honest discussion of this important subject. I’ll continue following you on the blogs. Cheers!

    • Michael D
      Posted at 08:27h, 21 December Reply

      Thanks Nancy, we have done one more podcast this year on looking back over the past year and talking about the good and bad things that have happened. I hope to carry on in the new year and will aim to do a podcast every couple of weeks or so. Have a good Christmas and new Year.

      • Nancy
        Posted at 17:21h, 28 December Reply

        Thanks, Michael, I just listened and commented again. Good discussions between you and Jon. Thanks for doing this!

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