The 13th step Film – Monica Richardson

The 13th step Film – Monica Richardson

The 13th step Film – Monica Richardson

Today I met up again with Monica Richardson who has made The 13th Step film, which is a documentary about issues in AA. it is well worth watching and if you are in the UK, it is being shown for free at The Crown Plaza Hotel on Wednesday 15th February. Monica will do a question and answer session afterwards.

The last screening was great and a few of us who had met online on various recovery forums got together afterwards for a great chat.

I did a quick podcast with her talking about how we met years ago and how things have changed. She was still in AA and trying to make it safer back in those days, but when she could not make much progress she studied Film Making and decided to make this documentary. It  took a couple of years and has been streamed on Amazon Prime and is available on Vimeo as well.

Here is a link to the film website. and here is her more general Blog. which are worth a look. I hope to see some of you at the Film.

  • David Winter
    Posted at 20:57h, 07 April Reply

    The cure for addiction is in your mind.

    No one is addicted to anything.

    “Addiction” is a symptom of fear.

    Like all mental illness its source is fear. However, the “cause” of the fear which produced the symptom of addiction is not real. Anything you say “I AM” to you become, even if it is not true. So, to say and believe “I am an addict” is insanity. The reason for the insanity is cognitive dissociation. Cognitive dissociation is believing something that is not true and then “acting” as though it is. This produces a deep sense of unworthiness in the mind of the believer. Because he or she blindly believes that this symptom/’condition’ is lifelong, this is entirely untrue. If we have been telling ourselves for many years, in meetings and to friends and family, that we are addicted, when we begin to say “I AM NOT AN ADDICT” it is at first frightening because we do not believe it, being that we have deceived ourselves for so long.

    IT IS however THE TRUTH that sets us FREE!

    It becomes easier and easier to say “I AM NOT AN ADDICT.” And as times goes by, your behavior will change and reflect this new thought. This will induce a freedom and happiness that surpasses all intellectual understanding and in time will return your life to you. Every time you remind yourself, “I AM NOT ADDICTED TO ANYTHING” you step closer and closer to the elimination of fear, which produced the belief that addiction was real. Seek you first the Kingdom of God that is within you and then all things will be added unto you. We have persisted in trying to “add all things” without looking where the Great one told us to look, (WITHIN). The Holy Spirit is in your mind as a conscious Helper in a very literal sense. The Holy Spirit overcomes the false perception that you have held about yourself. He does this by assisting you in changing your mind about yourself. To the ego or “believer” in addiction this is all quite foolish and unbelievable, that does not matter. If you will put into practical application the teaching you are about to read, you will be convinced that all addiction was nothing more than a belief in fear. Fear NOT!

    “Contempt prior to investigation keeps men and women in everlasting ignorance.” ~ H.Spencer

    The realization that we were never addicted and only afraid of our thoughts, due to our false beliefs brought about by cognitive dissociation, enables us to stop attending “meetings” that continue to induce improper thinking. Now time is spent in learning to quiet the mind that thought it was addicted, and which produced the self-imposed prison of addiction. The believer’s in addiction never felt “better” in their addiction, they only felt “different”. This was because while engaged in the insane behavior of addiction their mind was quieted of the badgering thoughts centered on the blind belief, “I am an addict.” You have Help. This is not church. Jesus Christ is the ultimate cognitive therapist. He Atoned or undid for all improper thinking (sin), of which “addiction” is the most prevalent. When you REPEAT: “I AM NOT AN ADDICT”, it will be the Holy Spirit Who will comfort you through the Atonement process of which the resurrected Christ Jesus is in charge of. Be not concerned with relapse. “Relapse” is and was only a symptom of the belief that you were addicted. Before a relapse occurs fear has entered. The Holy Spirit will dispel the fear that produces a relapse if you will continue to call in FAITH (at first) upon the Risen Savior within the Kingdom of God that is with you. He will respond to the slightest invitation for help, but Remember YOU must call on Him or you will not know that He is there. The more you call on Him the more your Faith in Him will be and the more your life becomes a means of teaching others, who were like you, that they themselves were never addicted to anything, only greatly deceived. You will come to a quick and easy realization that He Is helping you.

    The second coming of Jesus Christ is not after you die, on no! The Second Coming of Jesus is the awareness of the resurrected Christ within the “Kingdom of God” that is within you. (Luke 17)

    What you are reading is not some form of misinformation to be dis-guarded. If you will put the teachings of Jesus Christ into practical application into your life, NOW, you will quickly become aware of the insanity and sadness of blindly believing that you were ever addicted to anything. Begin by FORGIVING everyone all of the time for everything. Start with yourself. You will release the guilt of the past by FORGIVING yourself unconditionally. FORGIVENESS is “anointed” by Christ Jesus. It is His method of releasing the mind from the hell we made of our life. You must be a “guiltless learner” by forgetting All your past mistakes. They are not here, and they are not NOW! If guilt resurfaces in your mind, quickly allow then Holy Spirit to dispel it by calling upon the Risen Savior Lord Jesus Christ. You will begin to feel Born Again with a new lease on life without the heavy burden of addiction weighing on your mind. To be Born Again is to realize that Jesus did in fact ascend unto the Father, for you.

    FORGIVENESS held unconditionally in mind will release you from all fear by keeping your mind in the here and now. Surrender all your thoughts “good and bad” to Him and He will do the rest. Be not concerned with earning large stacks of green paper strips and metal discs that this world calls valuable. He will supply ALL your needs as you step back and let Him lead the way. When you DO NOTHING you allow Him to do Everything though you. He will not leave you comfortless. This is YOUR TIME TO HEAL.

    In closing, addiction is a mockery of the Sons and Daughters of God. God knows nothing of addiction, only its cure. And the cure for addiction in any form is the realization that it was never true. Say to yourself upon rising everyday: “Day by day in every way my life gets better and better.” And it will be so. You have willed that the Kingdom of God be made aware for you and the Holy Spirit cannot but fulfill that request. The Father has sent you a Comforter in the name of Jesus Christ!

    Enjoy your new life and Never ever doubt that you have been abandoned by your Creator. He sent a Savior and that Savior has saved you. All you need now is to believe, not in addiction but in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • Michael D
    Posted at 17:44h, 17 April Reply

    I don’t belive in God, so disagree.

  • Bob H.
    Posted at 04:25h, 24 January Reply

    I believe in God. But I can certainly understand how one can question such a belief. I can only share my own
    experience with God/Christ/The Holy Spirit. When I asked/pleaded with God to relieve me of this merciless
    obsession to drink., I asked in the name of Christ. He helped me, and the mania for alcohol was lifted and has never returned.
    How do I know it was God? As my friend George says: God was the one I asked. That was several decades ago.
    I don’t know exactly why it worked for me. I know I was very desperate. But I have seen other drinkers who
    were much worse than I was, who seemed to work harder than I ever did and fail. I certainly don’t consider myself
    special or elite.
    Bill Wilson told his story many times. He claims to have seen the light. I believe him. I believe it was the
    real thing. Bill also developed the effective technique/method of passing that recovery on to other alcoholics
    who want better lives. I have come to believe that The Holy Spirit is very much involved in that process. Pages
    67-70 in the book Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, Dr. Silkworth explains the process. It was “The Little
    Doctor’s “cart before the horse” idea. Bill wrote that without this “idea” AA probably would not have been

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